GFWC Heartland Woman's Club

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Annual Dues are $50 and due beginning January 1 but no later than September 1. The dues are comprised of:

  • GFWC and GAFWC dues = $20
  • District Dues = $2 (including $1 pass through for convention assessment
  • Tallulah Falls School Operational Fund = $3.25
  • Christmas at Tallulah Falls ≈ $1
  • Ella F. White Memorial Endowment Fund ≈ $1
  • Student Art Fund ≈ $.50
  • Student Scholorship Fund and/or Light in the Mountains Scholarship ≈ $2
  • Remainder used for Tallulah Falls Special Projects AND Club business and special unbudgeted request from community.

Per our Bylaws [Revised and Approved at December 2016 meeting]:
Section 1. Dues shall be $50.00 per year (January 1 through December 31). State dues are payable by December 1st. To meet state requirements, our club will collect dues no later than September meeting.

  • A. Dues will include the dues payable to the GFWC, GFWC GA, and GFWC Central East District.
  • B. Dues shall include a fee of $3.25 per member to be paid to Tallulah Falls School.
  • C. The club may vote to send a portion of the dues to the Ella F. White Fund, Lipscomb Society, Christmas at Tallulah fund, the various State Special Projects for Tallulah Falls School, and any Student Scholarship Funds.
  • D. A pass-through of the GFWC GA’s convention assessment will be levied each member in the amount of $1 per year or an    amount designated by the GFWC Central East District of GFWC GA.

Section 2. Dues of a member joining after June 1 shall be prorated on a monthly basis at $4.00 per month to the end of December.
Section 3. Names of members whose dues are in arrears for one year, after due notice, shall be removed from the Club roll.
Section 4: Members will have the option to utilize personal fundraising, within the club’s sanctioned fundraisers, to subsidize
their membership dues. Those fundraisers will be determined by the executive board.

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Membership Dues

Treasurer, Rachel Gonter, 770.363.9016,

​Mail: PO Box 448, Oxford, GA 30054